About SmartDen

We focus on providing the best in class retrofit automation products and solutions. We've spent a lot of time and effort in designing the perfect retrofit home automation solutions for our users so that they don't need to rewire their existing architecture and replace any of the existing appliances. Our products and solutions go behind the existing switchboards and convert the normal switchboards into smart ones. This helps the users to control the appliances from anywhere in the world via SmarDen Home Automation Application, Google Assistant, Siri or Amazon Alexa.

About EcoFlow

Our mission is to empower both individuals and communities through portable, clean, and reliable power, by replacing the traditional gas generator and reinventing the way the world accesses energy.

EcoFlow combines industry-leading research and knowledge to build innovative products that are at the forefront of design, intelligence, and power.


About LifeSmart

LifeSmart provides smart home solutions to offer our customers control over appliances and the home environment, bringing convenience to life, as well as security and energy-saving. All the appliances are controlled at the touch of a button.

With our smart devices implemented into your current smart home solution, you are ready to offer your customers a solution that fits every need.




EZVIZ provides a safe, comfortable, and smart life for users through its smart devices, cloud-based platform and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. EZVIZ's innovative products and services can be used in homes, workplaces, stores, schools, etc. EZVIZ allows its partners to subscribe to its unique cloud services and together we build a unique connectivity system for the Internet of Things.

D-Link is a global leader in designing and developing networking and connectivity products for consumers, small businesses, medium to large-sized enterprises, and service providers. From relatively modest beginnings in Taiwan, the company has grown since 1987 into an award-winning global brand in 57 countries.

Founded in 1999, Tenda technology is the recognized leading supplier of networking devices and equipments. Tenda has committed to delivering easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions, offering innovative, cutting-edge products to realize people's intelligent life.

As the first home-grown router and wireless network device manufacturer in China, Tenda has overcome all kinds of difficulties. Combined R&D, manufacturing & sales together, Tenda adopts the latest technology and professional service system to establish reliable network to be professional high-tech company in the world.

Hikvision is committed to serving various industries through its cutting-edge technologies of machine perception, artificial intelligence, and big data, leading the future of AIoT:

Through comprehensive machine perception technologies, we aim to help people better connect with the world around them; With a wealth of intelligent products, we strive to identify diverse demands by delivering intelligence at your fingertips;
Through innovative AIoT applications, we are dedicated to empowering every individual to enjoy a better future by building an intelligent world that is more convenient, efficient and secure. 


Aquabrim started its operations in 2008 with a vision to simplify the daily lives of many by developing a low cost, robust solution for automation of water motors. We have deeply analysed the various scenarios of water filling arrangements adopted by our customers, and the associated problems with the same.After lot of focused R&D and field observations, we have finally rolled out a product which truly fulfills the requirement of our customers.